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Jake Crickmore

Personal Progression and project Contribution

‘In actuality it is no surprise that we see a return of 8-bit retro – it could perhaps be described as t he abduct ive aesthetic’ (Berry, 42, 2012)

This quote by David Berry peaked my interest as it is something about the recognisable aesthetic which makes it so appealing. The point Berry gives on the 8-bit runs along the same line as the glitch artwork. The simplicity yet effectiveness of it is what make it so appealing to the eye, so when thinking about any aesthetic we could have chosen, different artistic fads come and go, could glitch rise up as a dominant mode of aesthetic once again like 8-bit retro?


Throughout the course of semester B, so far I felt that it was important to personally talk about my contribution to our collaborative practice and how the exhibition is beginning to shape up. Since we wanted to jump on board and be apart of another group’s work I felt that it was always important to liaise with them to make sure we were working on the same wavelength. They have still maintained their idea of two sides of the exhibition being split in have with one being utopian and the other being dystopian. I mentioned this previously in my blog on “Collaboration and hardware?”.

The work they are producing encompasses all the projects meaning myself and Liam need to correspond well to the information and content they want us to display, my role in all of this as I have mentioned is to produce the glitch imagery needed for not only our project however for the other groups project as well I needed to make sure that the imagery was ready to present for one of our class evaluation sessions before the Easter break. One way that I have developed my images from last semester was testing out a range of different styles that the glitch had to offer, attached below are many of the updated images that will be featured on the dystopian side of the exhibition:

Here are three example images that I have produced for the glitch exhibition,  The spark page provide provided gives more insight into how the presentation was executed as Me and Liam wanted to showcase the work we produced and with myself digesting feedback given to me on trying to see what could be made better. The positivity in the feedback was great to hear as it was on track for what other peers wanted to see in the exhibition. What was said in the feedback after from one of my peers was to maybe apply some more GIFs which I will most certainly look into. So far, personally I have an array of images that I think should be that of a select few which include the still image and also the GIF of that image. For example from my last blog I dabbled a lot with a subject photo with David Cameron and an interesting take of what I thought after that session was to have the same image but one as a still and the other in motion.


Still Image


Relaying back to my blog post on the merging of different clips and soundscapes, adding two different image styles next to each other within the exhibition will act as a glitch in itself. We want to cause as much disruptions as I could with the images with it representing what we are hoping to achieve. From the final outcome of this project I will be part of one whole homogenised class group that will organise the space we have been provided and to efficiently work together practically nearer the time of the exhibition make sure we logistically have all of the equipment need which is set up and ready to go.

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