The Glitch & Brexit

Jake Crickmore


This semester has sadly almost come to an end and now its time to reflect and evaluate how i’ve gotten to this point and to recap mine and Liam’s project of Brexit and the glitch to summarise our current project status and what we want to achieve going forward towards the exhibition. With the main class theme of 2069 where we imagine future potentials the only changes we’ve made to the content of what we are producing is the different style and effects to our videos/images a use of between around 5-10 images of glitch imagery along side GIFs of the same image will be used to cause a disruption with the looping of images. If we only manage to gain 2 projectors we can still proceed as planned with how we want to display our work, strategic placement of the projectors is key as we want to hit different layers of the fabric that we want to hang from the ceiling space. The contextual aspect has been compiled from a various amount of articles that we have researched and also the implementation of media theories such as the Kulashov effect along with black box media. I feel that we didn’t want to make our work to dense for the viewer so only having a few theories and other forms of research was just the right amount to put into our project.

When reflecting on actually building up content I found a lot of the work I was creating came in a trial and error format in terms of how we wanted the glitch to look. Aestehtically I wanted a nice blend of different styles rather than just 1. It led to many discussions with Liam about what we should and shouldn’t keep, overall we wanted to focus on a glitch style that worked for us. The constant feedback that we got in class was very helpful which lead to us researching the web for different sources that could maybe be added to our Brexit story

On the Evaluation side of things I felt that during the beginning few weeks of us creating that I could have interacted more with other groups earlier on, although eventually we did join as a collective it could have saved me a lot of time by not performing unnecessary tasks and we could’ve critically analysed the effects of 2069 with Brexit a lot sooner than later. Working alongside other groups as well as my own lead to many different conversations about each others work of what we liked and thought what could have been redone. Going through multiple different critiques about my work was very refreshing as making sure I was working along the right guidelines is key. To end, I’m very optimistic about the exhibition and hope that all of our class projects run as smoothly as possible.

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