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Exhibition space & Logistics

Over the past couple of weeks the our class has been collaborating together to try and organise ourselves of how we are going to divide the room we have available into different sectors so the exhibition can look as professional as possible. Throughout the previous weeks we have been talking as a collective to see how we can make the space come alive. We then decided to name all of our projects with a common theme of media futures with our exhibition title being called 2069. We discussed the name a long time prior which was quite early in the semester however since pretty much all of our projects are solidified a positive picture is emerging with the amount of different themes the class has provided

as we come near to the end of the second semester our work ethic has been amplified since there are multiple groups who are working together. With the exhibition space a sketched plan of the room was made by one of our peers on how the floor plan would actually look.

As you can see from the image, we as a class have been trying to find the ideal set-up that we can use come towards the exhibition deadline. On the left shows our political glitch that we hop to utilise within the space. The drawing is only a draft and isn’t final however after the easter break we will all meet up to check out the space for ourselves to physically see how it will work. It may look like a good idea on paper but in practice that will then show the actual viability.

One thing that I haven’t talked about yet is the logistical aspect of our project entirety. Of course we already know that the project can be done but during one of our last timetabled sessions we were asked what exactly we need, the original ideas of wanting to use a projector is still viable as I confirmed this with my class tutor. The number of projectors available will be 2/3 as we needed to display different aspects of our work and also joined with some translucent fabric can be bought. Those are the two fundamentals that are need to make this project come to life. The minimalism worked very nicely for the workshop that we participated with in Finland so we do have some experience with to set-up the projectors and placing the fabric around different areas of the room to create the desired effect.


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