The Glitch & Brexit

Jake Crickmore

Focusing on the project context

Developing on our project myself and Liam have been trying to solidify our project by deciding how we can perhaps experiment with many more elements in regards to our topic of a future Brexit and the potential of using this idea of the cyborg being sprinkled in. As we discussed and developed our idea, we felt that maybe we should get another perspective on the future of Brexit and what else perhaps we could include. When trying to implement some media concepts we felt that the idea of black box media linked strongly to Brexit and the Glitch, this is because since the referendum election in 2016, 3 years on it seems that politicians don’t seem to have any clue of what the outcome will be and how this will effect the UK. That’s the reason why we’re using conservative party members, because the black box concept can also be applied to the glitch aesthetic asit can be looked at the visual unknown, we are then suggesting that the conservatives are the black box because we have no clue as a country on how they will work. we as individuals can’t seem to comprehend why the problematic glitch occurs, by not being able to comprehend it.


Me and Liam decided on the general consensus of using politicians and also British landmarks to go with our theme of the glitch, we then are going to contextualise Brexit within the use of British political figures and also landmarks within the UK that we can apply a glitch effect too. Going to back to gaining feedback on the project, we spoke to our workshop lecturer Clive to see what perhaps could also be added and how we could implement this all into our overarching theme of media futures. We discussed the possibility of using the idea of semiotics to further contextualise images and what the underlying meaning can represent, an example that Clive gave was from the past where he watched the opinions on Brexit where an audience members argument was to do with the advantage of local markets and the costing’s of food. So an idea we thought of which would be very simplistic, visually appealing yet eerie would be to present a visualisation of different GIFs that will show a progression of the image decaying with the use of glitch.

The example attached down below refers to what Clive mentioned of the price differentiations that would entail with Brexit. The progression begins with a normal eatable apple before the Brexit vote and it shows a transformation looking into the present and also future of the dystopian. The overall result shows a rotten apple decaying throughout the gif to represent a visual of how the Brexit situation is looking. I then make use of the glitch to show the negativity of the unknown and that the anxieties around Brexit garner no positive implications. The complexity of it all holds too many variables which can never really be properly explained however the rotten apple GIF that I have created is meant to give an insight of how the uncertainty of it all makes it seem that the only thing that came arise is a negative outcome.



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