The Glitch & Brexit

Jake Crickmore

Project Development

Following on from applying our work into another project we were maybe thinking also adding some footage of films relevant to this idea of a dystopian future. Tracking back to the overarching theme that all of our peers are working on, it is all about think a vast number of decades into the future so applying clips form a variety of films could actually add more of a dynamic with it not being just glitch but it could be nice to perhaps combine the two and maybe add some glitch effects to the footage gathered. The splicing of the footage with the addition of still images and also gifs will perhaps be a nice dynamic, the interconnection of the two works along very nicely especially with the way myself and Liam were thinking about approaching this.

One aspect of the project that we forgot to mention last semester is that some of our motivation to include some short clips came from an essay film which was produced from one of our other modules last year from eco-media. Liam focused on the negative implications that fracking has on our environment to which he made an essay film which actually had glitch characteristics that he didn’t really notice at the time. When analysing the video the pace of the  stood out to me most making it feel very essayistic  upon how it was executed. The different pacing of clubs could be an important element that we need to think about on how the clips that are produced could potentially be improved more. I also really liked the audio that was added to the video as personally i think it really brought the whole thing to life. Overall when the glitch soundscape is added to our multiple clips there will be an aim to create somewhat of a mood and we want the people who view our exhibition space to feel the affective properties that we want to incorporate into our music/audio.

Since the work load is being divided up 50/50 Liam suggested to gather stock footage clips from recognisable films that the viewer would instantly recognise. We both agreed that Liam would be better suited to acquire the collection as we are both working on different perspectives of the project as he is focusing more on the video editing and soundscape. For Exhibition the videos that have been produced by Liam shows a montage with an overlapping soundtrack which is fact is quite atmospheric, an example of the work Liam has created includes the work of one of the GIFs I had actually created that was included. Imagery from a multiple amount of films in quick succession doesn’t give the viewer enough time to digest what’s exactly happening however the abstract nature along with the inclusion of glitch sound works nicely to create this dystopian feeling.

This is the first rendition of what we want to be produced for the exhibition, the pause of the music to let the diegetic sound project showed another layer of glitch. This is because by making the backing glitch soundscape  integrate with the film footage it provided space for the clip to breathe only for a few seconds to where the sound of the glitch comes back. Of course there is always room for improvement however we wanted to visualise how the combination of the glitch soundscape would react to the film footage used. The clip provided may or may not be shown within the exhibition loop, as there could be a variety of changes that we may need to tweak although we wanted to have a visual premise that will add to our portion of the exhibition, making it a nice video to project of the fabric material we were thinking of using.

We have also created another short clip to include into the exhibition, this time by strictly focusing on UK news footage of protests and the conservatives. These short clips that have been produced brings a fresh angle to our work, by showing constant changes from fiction to reality, blending the two and showing the relationship all these clips have in common when looking at our Brexit glitch. The amount of short clips will constantly change one after the other amongst the still imagery that I will produce on another projector.

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