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Jake Crickmore

Beginning of Semester B

To begin with my structure for this year I will be producing one blog which include two weeks of workshop activity to give more concentrated content that can be view. From last semester, our whole class group all had to decide on a common theme between all of the groups creating projects. We then spent the first session back working as a collective to decide on one theme that all of our projects have in common. We then chose as a class the broad theme of media futures, this is make sure breathing room is available for the amount of projects that are to be created. The exhibition will be set up and advertised by us and we need to communicate with everyone of how we are actually going to utilise a particular space.

Carrying on from my previous blog me and Liam have decided that we want to continue and progress with this idea of perhaps a “The Dystopian Glitch”  where we will take advantage of a particular space to convey the sound and imagery we want to produce, our work is directly inspired from my experience in Finland which me and Liam was a part of. This was titled the ethnegoenic machine where we were apart of creating this sort of psychedelic space where the public would walk through this mysterious environment with the subject being religious figures that were projected around the room with a unsettling soundscape. This is a large inspiration of the work that we actually want to produce. When contextualising our work we will convey the was the idea of the glitch can be used to actually transform a space. Working with the creator of “The Entheogenic Machine” was a great experience in the way glitch and religion can be combined. In this instance we want to apply a spin on the machine by targeting Brexit and using our own glitch techniques.

In terms of mine and Liam’s idea from our last blogs, we ultimately will stay on track with the way we will produce the images. The only change that we may scrap is the interactive element of the Makey Makey, I have spoken with Liam who did like the idea of the interactive element however I found that perhaps there was more of a major negative in terms of the workload we have set for ourselves. From my perspective I feel that we need to focus on the completion of the basis of our idea before we pile on more work for ourselves that perhaps isn’t neccessary. I am not completely disregarding the idea of the Makey Makey as i’d say it would be a fantastic addition to add to our work, the idea of circuits will always be in the back of out mind however the most important thing is to complete this project piece by piece and to add extras when we are happy that are initial exhibition piece is up to the standard that we would like. In terms of the workload, as a pair me and Liam thought it was easier to focus on two different aspects of the project  where this blog and my work will be mainly focused on the types and formats of imagery produced, and Liam’s work will focus more on soundscape and the use of affect can transform a space. In the sort of production element we will decide more of the specifics at a later date how the set up will come to fruition. Overall this first session is all about solidifying our project and to further branch out.

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