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Further research into the glitch and Brexit

Even though some research was shown in my previous blog I wanted to expand on the development of Brexit, because this is such a contemporary issue, looking at other news related aspects could show other variables which are involved in Brexit that we may possibly include. The blog post on contextualising our project won’t change as that is the basis for our core work although exploring different avenues within Brexit wouldn’t hurt as it could potentially be useful.

‘The patterns on key Brexit votes reveal the emergence of four cross-party political factions that are wrangling for control of the negotiations.’

One particular article that was linked to us was the creation of 4 different Brexit factions that have been compiled containing a mix of different political parties. Since the referendum in 2016 there still seems to have not been any solution to Brexit as of yet, this article chronologically labels events that have happened since 2017 all they way to 2019 with the dynamic of different politicians switching to different factions of the Brexit debate. As of yet we are still sticking with the ploy of only using conservative party members since their party is still in control of the country. The inclusion of politicians from other parties could perhaps develop our work even further as currently the Brexit factions seem to constantly shift every few months, as there still is yet any type of deal to be made. We are still sticking with the conservative imagery as the responsibility is pinned much more on them to make a decision. The glitch overall adds to this Brexit chaos by showing the unpredictability of Brexit and also to show the unpredictability of some conservative politicians through the use of the glitch.

One other perspective of looking at Brexit is the amount of food shortages that could potentially come of it, one article talks about the issue surrounding it with shops not having the capacity to take as much food as they did as we are too reliant on foreign imports. In a way the GIF of the apple I described decaying can also include another meaning of the food shortages that could happen across the UK. The beauty with this topic of Brexit and the glitch is that throughout looking on different types of research, different interpretations can be thought up from different types of individuals who observe our work in the exhibition. Not only will there be a food shortage but the rise in food prices would also lend itself to semiotic imagery as an example that could potentially be included might be a glitch with the pound being made more redundant by Brexit. Discovering more and more news content about Brexit adds to the images we are creating, providing a branch of different concepts in relation to items, places and people.

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The final article I would like to reference is another Guardian article that talks about the faith in the conservative party essentially evaporating as negotiations continue, it is looking like the UK will take a hard Brexit and as these particular types of news stories keep being published it reinforces our project of the glitch by the disturbance and noise of the glitch consuming her. When reading this story it made me think of Brexit deal act as a real life glitch, like an accidental pause or like a frozen television program. Time continues however Brexit remains still with the general public getting more and more frustrated that nothing has been done. The article explains the loss in trust over the PM and that of the conservative party from an array of foreign presses. I wanted to add this writing in particular as for research and development purposes it’s interesting to see what other countries take on Brexit it and maybe in our project we can put our own reference to what other European countries make on the Brexit situation. This is all just speculation and potential research that may or may not be added into our project however the three texts I’ve embedded are some of many that myself and Liam have looked up on.

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